The AWSUM brand is proudly owned by TieMedia.

AWSUM is the biggest school news platform in Africa, with the support of our network of 2 000+ schools in South Africa, who provide us with well-crafted content.

We operate across all platforms, including print, online and app, where we are able to reach our audience anywhere, anytime.

Our readers (the parents in South Africa) come first – it’s our job to share content created by the schools and deliver it in multiple formats and across various channels so that it’s available in a way that is easily digestible for the consumer.

Our multi-tiered communication platform to schools include:

  • The AWSUM Newspaper that include 4 annual publications that include 650 schools in 30 regions.
  • AWSUM App for Schools provides schools with an opportunity to generate substantial unlimited monthly income which is desperately needed in the South African educational system. Read more on the School App here. It is a perfect tool to house all your communication channels (news, notifications, academic, cultural, sporting info, website and social media links and even home your parent portal platforms such as Ed-Admin or other database links). It allows you to promote your brand and school but also to create a meaningful and worthwhile platform to strengthen or create stronger ties within your School community. Furthermore, a wonderful opportunity to generate much needed funds monthly.
  • AWSUM News, the 24/7 school news website.
  • AWSUM Clashes– Inter Schools / sport tournament publications – click here to view previous editions.


Our ‘awsumness’ include:

  • New technology and media – we’ve created a digital experience for schools. Technology is rapidly changing how parents and your community engage with schools and we have reclaimed the way schools communication.
  • We bring a new perspective on school news and build a winning creative on one of Africa’s fastest growing school news platforms


Is your school AWSUM?


All Schools are invited to send through to AWSUM School News, all happenings, events, achievements and results in academics, cultural, sport and even alumni news. There is no limit to the amount of online news sent to our AWSUM school news dedicated platform and no costs to be covered by the Schools when sending through their news for online publication.

In return we simply request that schools that submit these articles, then kindly share the given links (on their school news posted), to their social media and other communication platforms for their community to enjoy.

Please send your school news to